Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa – Official Highlights and Goals | FA Cup 4th Round Proper 29-01-12

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa – Official Highlights and Goals | FA Cup 4th Round Proper 29-01-12”

  1. baria87 Says:


  2. Joshua Olakanpo Says:

    If u think about it Ramsey probably would of scored if it wasn’t for the
    foul and it’s not arsenal fault that they got them plus Walcott deserved
    his goal however lucky it may be and again it’s not his fault that Alan
    Hutton kicked it at him plus penalties are harder than they actually look
    plus no one complains when bad decisions go against arsenal

  3. MrTraxex87 Says:

    Nice comeback

  4. Hal Fish Says:

    3:27 rvp give it hear

  5. MrSimkariuki Says:

    Loyal after defeat, Proud after victory. I’m proud!!!!

  6. Footie365247 Says:

    Excuses x4…. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. Arsenal played
    well to come back from 2 goals down to win, but shouldn’t have conceded two
    goals anyway in the first place. Come on Gooners for tomorrow against
    Bolton. Let’s win our first league match on 2012!

  7. hmavjee Says:

    mighty gooners

  8. SgtFagballs Says:

    @thefacup No

  9. GUNNERZ3788 Says:

    2:15 song doing those lovley passe’s again and koscionley has been amazing
    recentley and would have scored if he wasnt taken out! THUMBS OF FOR KOSC

  10. TheKourosh1990 Says:

    Mr Bean brought me here

  11. alahli95 Says:

    the penalties were deserved it was a really nice match though and great
    performance from villa

  12. allenstaysfly Says:

    how lucky they got 2 penalties …

  13. Eben Matthews Says:

    @thefacup Hopefully*

  14. 88791029music Says:

    this is our year!

  15. ThisisJamesman Says:

    awesome actual vid. tx!

  16. James Williams Says:

    completely undeserved.

  17. latinoalex5 Says:

    Man, Mr Bean loves soccer.

  18. J4CKM4N2266 Says:

    Mr Bean sent me here.

  19. ShotHub Says:

    @MedAshtari it was a recap.

  20. bbang1989 Says:

    @thefacup can you guys possibly not put the final score in the title of the
    video. i would like to find out the score as i watch the video. thanks!

  21. HipHopdeTV Says:

    Why didn’t heskey played?!

  22. KoolGamerzNation Says:

    @MedAshtari it’s not live commentary it’s just highlighted commentary.
    They’re just watching it back and commentating.

  23. Monsieur Rigolo Says:

    Koscienly is a forward xD !

  24. James Blower Says:

    @MedAshtari you realise their commentating on the highlights? it isnt live.

  25. akshayd211 Says:

    Thanks a lot @thefacup for beautiful highlights !!