Chelsea vs Aston Villa – 8:0 – Premier League – 23/12/12 – FULL HD

Movie Rating: four / five

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13 Responses to “Chelsea vs Aston Villa – 8:0 – Premier League – 23/12/12 – FULL HD”

  1. Leong Hong Ling Says:

    The biggest deficit in the Barclays Premier League

  2. Ikhsan Nur Fahri Says:

    are u shitting arabic no WAY YOU 2 bitchhhhhhh

  3. Owen Weston Says:

    Oh god

  4. Unai Fraeters Says:


  5. pvtkuhn Says:

    at least they are excited for the sport. Quit being so racist they are just
    saying the same thing except in another language. P.S. i am not arabic.

  6. talio tyson Says:

    fucking arab idiot

  7. Elvir Catic Says:

    I˘m from Bosina and I love Chelseaaa <3

  8. loveandlight1000 Says:

    F u up

  9. Noah Grootenboer Says:

    AAAAAALLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! These commentators crack me up

  10. George Harrington Says:

    Aston Villa 3-2 Malaga Today!! Yay!!

  11. MunchMyDong Says:

    these fucking arabic commentators…

  12. Breinzter Ace Says:

    These fuckin arab commentators

  13. Rilbert AP Says: