Grant Holt – First Aston Villa interview

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8 Responses to “Grant Holt – First Aston Villa interview”

  1. Rob Carter Says:

    why ?

  2. james mccoy Says:

    Wat is the point really just buy him

  3. Samuel Davies Says:

    As a villa fan I’m not exactly excited by holt joining, but on his day he’s
    a decent player so hopefully he’ll make some kind of impact. Utv.

  4. Adam Smith Says:

    Do ya best lad! 

  5. ShaunMyers2000 Says:

    68 goals in 158 appearances for Norwich or something like that? He can’t be
    that bad.

  6. ShaunMyers2000 Says:

    Welcome to Aston Villa Holt! 

  7. natasha begley Says:

    lambert has realy lost the plot

  8. Fuxser Says: