25 thoughts on “Birmingham vs Villa (1/12/10)”

  1. not been funny the onlt reson the blue’s fans ran onto the pitch is becuase there was alot of talk that the villa was going to run on and the blues fans wernt gunnar have it,thats the reson they ran on first.
    and the cops did fuckall about it they just crowded around the villa areas so it was quite easy to get on.
    hence i was one of them that got on.

  2. fokin dirty villa cunts u wud all get letherd by zulus lik on the vid and u aint got a proper firm

  3. A birmingham fan @7:10 fired the flair into their own fans then, what a poor shot

  4. Down with the dingles
    Your goin down with the dingles
    Down with the dingles
    Ur goin down with the dingles

    KRO sotv

  5. enjoyed the villa goal and the reacition from the villa fans, respect for that, good game as well

  6. im a villa fan who was at the match
    this is an amazing video though
    apart from the whole blues winning thing.

  7. @johnieboys123 fuk you you cunt sotv your not a football fan just another villa cunt who is chattin a load of bolloks u wudnt hav sed this if you wud hav won so shut the fuk up cunt SOTV !

  8. @johnieboys123 what an idiot you are to wish death on people over a game of football…

  9. Can’t help but laugh at all these bitter and sour Villagers. Acting out like they are little angels. Blues fans run on the pitch, a few gestures are given and they react by throwing seats and flares. Is that going to be their excuse for ripping and destroying the toilets BEFORE the game? Not even Wolvertrampton fans did this when West Brom fans invaded the pitch, they controlled themselves.Now do us all a favour and fuck off back to South Staffordshire with all the other Plastic Brummie mongs!

  10. @xxxSGTVIMTOxxx Make sense you uneducated blue cunt? How am i begging off the blues just stating fact mate your fans are scum as you proved a few weeks back and lets not forget your team is filled with our rejects. Johniboys123 summed it up below.

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