Cristiano Ronaldo – Freestyle Battle 2008

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – Freestyle Battle 2008”

  1. @jomnz Whats that got to do with anything? Like I said they are BOTH quality. Just because Messi might be better doesn’t mean Ronaldo is shit. Is your point suggesting that because there is no video of him as a 19 year old he was never actually voted world player of the year! get a grip. There are 100’s of quality players out there you blinkered cunt.

  2. @101seve Not the best But he is Amazing and unique tho………The Best is Messi Without any Doubt

  3. UNÍOS AL GRUPO “EL BARÇA ES UNA FARSA” con informaciones al día del dopaje del Barça, favoritismos arbitrales, escándalos, política…

  4. @Opinionatedcunt


    Come back when you have a video of Ronaldo when he was as old as Messi in this video (19 years old) and doing the same…. yawn

  5. This is what C. Ronaldo is best at:

    Cristiano Ronaldo dribble in 93rd minute against Arsenal

    All show and no substance….a fag.

  6. Zieht euch mal den Fussballsong rein:
    Der is von meinem Onkel und seiner Band.
    Wem der Song gefällt Daumen hoch 😀

  7. ronaldinho can make more skills than anybody, even ronaldo.. fuck ronaldo by the way

  8. Ronaldo and Messi are both world class. How can anyone who knows the first thing about Football say otherwise. Yes Ronaldo is a greasy, slicked up, cry baby, pink thong wearing tarts handbag but that takes nothing away from the fact that he is quality.

  9. Ha…..I might suck at soccer..but all i know is that this guy is freak’n Gooood…..!!!

  10. 101seve you are wrong gerrard is way better than ronaldo .steven can make ronoldo cry with out touching him he would laugh at how much a FAIL ronaldo is he suck crap

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