Marc Albrighton – Wonderkid ☆HD 1080p☆

Soon after increasing through the Villa ranks, and viewing a manager who was unwilling to experiment with young gamers depart, Albrighton was offered his possibility at the large time. He is now an integral portion of the Aston Villa staff, and is seen as one particular of the brightest potential customers in English football!
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  1. Sads but true…but season after next he will be at Man City 🙁 Barry then Milner, next Young and then Albrighton. Inevitable.

  2. The Future of England’s midfield: Albrighton – Rodwell – Shelvey – Adam Johnson.

  3. Villa fan through and through- he’s better than Ashley Young with talent and potential. Villas younger players will make this team great- Bannan, Clark, Albrighton.

  4. @villa1246 the problem is that we have got a fat dick in our team. if we got a king, the owners would have given us the money to buy marc.

  5. I wrote on Teamtalk after the West Ham game (first of the season) that I couldnt help comparing him to Messi! I was then asked if I was on drugs. I had a look at skysports where they give rating to all players after every game and Albrighton had 7.4. That makes him the best player so far in the EPL with Caroll in Newcastle who had the same. Bale had 7.2 but scored the last game so he should have about the same. I bet my money on Marc for “EPL young player of the year”!!! Cheers

  6. Shit, this kid has pace and technique, but just slacks experience. I tell ya, he’d be one of the greatest players in the EPL one day!

  7. @Zahrin16 Yeh hes quality. However, our new center mid, Barry Bannan may be even better out of the two. It just shows that a club can save millions if they invest in their academy. That lad Jonjo Shelvey you got from Charlton looks good too though.

  8. Top quality player. He’ll get even better. Which REALLY scares me. As much as I’d like to see Liverpool swoop for this kid, I’m betting there’s no fucking chance. Any manager would be an idiot if he sold this player.

  9. The future of english football! I hope someone puts a video up of him up against Evra, This guy is pure quality, Bye Milner, Welcome the legend that is Albrighton.

  10. @wwaarrddy LoL. I was thinking about it… I bet Evra is glad that Albrighton isnt in the England squad to face France! :L

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