1982 European Cup Final BAYERN MUNICH v ASTON VILLA

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19 thoughts on “1982 European Cup Final BAYERN MUNICH v ASTON VILLA”

  1. Bannan, Clarky, Sharky, Herd, Hoggy, Baker, Weimann, Fonz, Fabian and the rest…your aim is to be the next lot to get that Cup back to Villa Park.

  2. Aston Villa: Creators of The Game 1888

    The Greatest, Most Historic Club in World Football.

  3. what a night villa winning the european cupand thats something the blues will ever do.

  4. bayern munich was also good but I think they usually have bad luck. anyway, aston villa has so glorious history!

  5. Fair play to villa rode there luck but took there chance, similar to united in 99. Poor germans!!!!!

  6. what year did soccer shorts become the long gay things they were nowadays?

  7. The most one sided European Cup final i have ever seen – Bayern must have been gutted – dominated the game and get caught by a Villa sucker punch – thats football!

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