[89/90] Aston Villa v Manchester City, Apr 1st 1990

City travelled to title-chasing Villa with out a win in their previous 42 Division 1 away video games stretching back again to January 1986… Aston Villa 1-2 Manchester Town, April 1st 1990. Scorers: Gordon Cowans Mark Ward, Peter Reid.

3 thoughts on “[89/90] Aston Villa v Manchester City, Apr 1st 1990”

  1. An amazing match and a well deserved win. Barely got back to New Street station with my vitals intact after the match and you’re right kippax – happy days indeed!!!

  2. I have been waiting for you to post this one, thanks so much. I was 8 years old and remember watching this game with my dad on sunday afternoon…..seems like only yesterday!

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