25 thoughts on “Andy Carroll hattrick v. Aston Villa”

  1. iliveunderyourstairs
    why dont u check the goal from 25 yards he made vs liverpool ya shows u rite 13itch

  2. iliiverinderyourstair
    stfu you cunt its liverpools money and they can do what eva the hell they want with it so shut ur dam mouth or ill put a coc in it

  3. all you scousers realise that you have spent ยฃ35 million on a player that can only head the ball? he prefers a pint and fight much more to playing football…he’ll fight erm i mean fit right in with you bin dipping gypsy scumbags…fuck you carroll and fuck you liverpool cant wait wait for dalglish to die….

  4. Cheer up Alan Shearer, oh what can it mean to a sad geordie bastard, and a SHIT football team. Honestly Andy Carroll was shite really, one hatrick and every Newcastle fan wanks off……..

  5. Lifelong Toon fan. Sorry to see the lad go but sincerely wish him all the best. Our pie bothering shyster chairman was never gonna turn down 35mil.
    The kid couldn’t hope for a better mentor than Dalglish, hopefully this move will be the making of him. The prospect of Johnson, Stevie G & Carroll linking up for club & country is mouthwatering.

  6. no torres is a man doing hes job he has no emtional attactments to hes club unlike carrol who was orn in bred in newcastle hes the traitor, just my opinion

  7. GET OVER IT in regards to Torres LFC fans smh.

    With Suarez and Carroll, Liverpool gon be scary. ManU, MCFC, Chelsea, and Arsenal need watch out

  8. i’m a manunited fan but i do hope this guy does brillient at livepool. he is an excerllent player and has lots of potencial

  9. He now plays for the REDS Carroll, Carroll
    His full English born and Bread Carroll, Carroll
    We bought the lad from Tyneside
    He now heads our front Line
    Andy Carroll Liverpoolโ€™s number Nine

  10. puts things in perspective:
    chicharito: 6million – 22yrs- 7 goals in 16 app
    carroll: 35million -22yrs- 11 goals in 20 app
    torres: 50million – 26yrs – 9 goals in 26 app

    So liverpool got ripped off a bit due to time of/nature of bid, but who really got the shittiest deal?

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