25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC Cookie Match Preview – Arsenal V Aston Villa At Home – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. I think we are fucked against Fenerbahce to be honest. The odds are against us a lot more now after this result because it showed our true colours today and what we have to look forward to this season. A minimum of 3 players should have being brought in before the Villa game but not even one. Sonogo doesn’t even count as far as I’m concerned because he isn’t going to help us move forward any time soon.

  2. This result is 100% all Wenger’s doing. That defence today was an absolute joke. They made it too easy for Villa to counter attack and Szczesny has proving yet again why he isn’t cut out for first team at this moment in time in his career. Julio cesar is an obvious choice yet Wenger doesn’t even attempt to sign him up, showing why he isn’t cut out to be Arsenal’s manager. This will be my last season I will support Wenger if this continues.

  3. lol shut up you little kid, nobody especially me can take you serious with that joke of a user name. A yeah i would definitely do better than you thats for sure.

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