Aston Villa 0-2 Birmingham City

Targets, red cards, red mist – this match had anything! Almost certainly the most fiery Birmingham derby to date!
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Aston Villa 0-2 Birmingham City”

  1. I’d have flattened Dublin. And Savage. Then I’d have gone in the crowd and started dishing it out left right and centre to any cunt that wanted a piece.

    I get easily carried away by football…and confused.

  2. These first two matches were proper derby atmospheres not as good recently even as a villa fan watching the cup match on wednesday just didnt sound as good as the first 2.

  3. fucking hilarious from Dublin, and I like Sav aswell. Steaming in with an old skool tackle then the headbutt, quality

  4. The Horse is a legend. Must be the only player in the history of this fixture to score home and away and finish a match in goal!

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