25 thoughts on “Aston Villa fan heads the ball against Birmingham”

  1. not all stewards are cunts you know, i was a steward at blues , but i dont see why they threw him out… its silly… he only headed a ball… its not like he ran on the pitch and started playing football…. good thing ive left now aye lol

  2. Even after that Stewart Downing still can’t understand how to correctly head a football.

  3. This sums up everything that’s wrong with football today. He didn’t strip naked, storm the field, or chant monkey noises at Emile Heskey. The fun is being drained out of the game. It’s like when football players arrive at the stadiums in their darkened coaches, and don’t stop to sign autographs or acknowledge their fans. Pathetic.

  4. @llclll Thank you!!! Finally someone that get´s to my point,his lack of contention got him in that situation in the first place,in the precarious place he was in a crowded stadium,he she avoid that kind of show-off,or something like this can happen…

  5. He got thrown out for that? Fucking stewards are just like police, bouncers, security, no fucking common sense. Deserve shooting anyone like this.

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