22 thoughts on “Aston Villa find out Birmingham are relegated”

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  2. No actually, Birmingham were founded in 1875 when Aston Villa were founded in 1874, they were known as the ‘Small Heath Alliance’ when they were founded not Birmingham City, they changed the name making it sounded like the city is theres, which it isn’t + The football league was founded by Aston Villa, so the city is ours.


  3. @bcfckk Having u been drinking u dick – noway ur gonna smash the championship – all ur best players are gone and villa wont go down u prat!!!!!! Njoy doncaster .. UTV

  4. portsmouth won the FA cup (far better cup than the carling cup) and got relegated that year, and had financial problems, now they have no chance of getting back to the prem. hmmmmmmmm sounds strangely familiar to what’s happening at the blues at the moment, taraaa

  5. who won the carling cup blues whose gonna get relegated next season villa whose gonna smash the champion ship BLUES ! GET THAT TO YOUR THICK BRAINS

  6. @andreyoung06 highlight of every blue fan, is to one day play the Villa at Villa Park, makes a change to watching your shit play on that goat paddock of yours.

  7. @andreyoung06

    in my 24 years as a villa fan having blues in the top flight with us feels very alien. Also ive seen my team win the league cup as many times in my lifetime as blues have in their entire history. Blues are a very good championship side….and a shit premier one! UTV!!

  8. highlight of villas season, finding out the misfortune of another club,
    highlight of blues season, winning the cup achieving european place…..

  9. @onewildcarl82 Me either. Do you think this is how the atmosphere was when Villa were actually relevant back in 1982?

  10. Fantastic noise from the Holte, wish I could have been there. FUCK OFF SMALL HEATH THE CITY IS OURS

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