Aston Villa League Cup Winners 1977

Aston Villa acquire the League Cup for the 3rd time against Everton following a 2nd replay in 1976-77. This clip also includes the opening fixture in opposition to Manchester City and Sir Brian Small scoring a hat-trick in opposition to QPR in the semi final.

11 thoughts on “Aston Villa League Cup Winners 1977”

  1. I’ll never forget that Old Trafford replay as long as I live. Brilliant game and a brilliant Villa side. I’d been to the terrible Wembley draw and missed the first replay. Ron Saunders, a real and wholly deserved Villa legend.

  2. @Yentonian
    Yeah, Ray had a couple of great seasons, scored 19 goals in the 74-75 season and he was a winger!
    Met him once, nice man.

  3. @GravityBoy72 This might sound silly – but I never saw him play, but he’s my favourite ever Villa player.

    Brian Little’s Clat’blarmy!

  4. Brian Little was great then. But Ray Graydon was the star before him. Ray was phenominal during Villa’s rise to fame and fortune from third to first division and in league cups. He was an integral part of Villla’s rise to greatness.

  5. Brian Little walks on water.. la la la la laaaaaaaaa… la la la laaaaaaaaa

    Best Villa player ever.

    Cool as a cucumber, smart player, immensely talented and unlucky to have only got one England cap.

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