16 thoughts on “Aston Villa players in Birmingham night club braw”

  1. lol, I dnt endorse Villa, but how was that a ‘slur’? Dude should’ve fucked up the bouncer, although to be fair, he probably would’ve fucked up all three of them. Just cos they’re footballers. If that was Joe Public – which footballers actually are – joe public’s who happened to get paid a lot to kick a ball, they wouldn’t make the news or even be labelled ‘Slurs’.

  2. The bouncers should have tackled them as if they had a football. Then they would have simply fallen to the ground and rolled around for 3 minutes.

  3. no they were sorry and these are the three of the most responsible players in football

  4. Footballers couldn’t knock the skin of a rice pudding. Bunch of fairies were lucky the doormen didn’t put them in hospital.

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