Aston Villa scored just Single Goal

The last Premier League match that any player of Aston Villa has managed to score a single goal was back in December 20 of 2014 when Aston Villa rescued one point from their match when facing off with Manchester United.

Aston Villa is the lowest scoring team in the entire Premier League after only managing to score 11 goals in 22 matches.

Their current situation in the Premier League is one that worries many fans and supporters of the club but there are many other things which are going on that puts the future of the club into a mist of doubt and uncertainty.

Randy Lerner is the owner of Aston Villa and he has been trying to sell it since May of 2014 but even though there are rumors going on involving a few billionaires who would be willing to buy it, no concrete offers have been launched.

Former Aston Villa and Liverpool player, Stanley Collymore believes that in order for Randy Lerner to actually sell the club, he will have to lower his valuation of £200 million.

“It is totally unacceptable for a club of the size and history and tradition of Aston Villa Football Club to be battling relegation in the Premier League every year, it’s simply not good enough.If he’s going to sell the club, but this is going to be something he’s going to sit on while he’s waiting for £200 million he should give serious thought, if he likes the club, if he’s enjoyed his time at the club to more fan involvement’’ Stanley Collymore told the media.

Considering the lack of goals that Aston Villa has managed to score in this season, there are a few players who have been rumored to leave the club such as: Christian Benteke but the coach dismissed those rumors as he does not want to sell him.

The coach of Aston Villa, Paul Lambert is also being heavily critiqued for the current situation of the club and if someone does indeed happen to buy the club, he could be leaving as a new managerial staff might be placed into a team that is struggling just to stay above the bottom relegation zone and is unable to score goals on a consistent basis.