Aston Villa Top Four

A 7 minute presentation of this extremely outdated, however popular club.A ought to view for all football enthusiasts.
Video Rating: four / five

14 thoughts on “Aston Villa Top Four”

  1. Villa and the Browns what a combination together we can make english football great in the USA and American football great in England and hopefully get a big fan base for both teams in the USA and England.

  2. Villa 4 eva, does everyone agree we should rename the Doug Elis stand back to what it origonaly was?

  3. Who are the cleveland browns? they are a team that struggle in the NFL, Aston Villa are much more known to the rest of the world and have more history. Good video though!

  4. this is not Clevelands sister club, matter fact this club is much older, bigger and richer than the browns..

  5. Nice video with a great song, Steve.
    Hey, we miss you at the CVH boards, man.
    Hail, Villa.

  6. As far as I am aware this is a model of the new villa park after redevelopement.So yes,the north stand should take villa park’s capacity to over 50,000.But,I am unaware when this will commence.

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