25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Blues 93/94 Coca Cola Cup”

  1. paul tait sums the scummers up perfectly – fucking ugly cunt, shit at football and dirty bastard. UTV

  2. Bosnich coming on for Spink in a cup winning campaign, just like some 12 years earlier, when Spink came on for Rimmer on that GLORIOUS NIGHT in ROTTERDAM!!!

  3. So hold on. Deliberate on the field off the ball violent conduct is a yellow card ofence.
    I bet these were ITV commentators. OR bluescum.
    The Villans behind make me laugh.

  4. Look at the pace of Louie Donowa. Stan Staunton was left in another time zone. Is it true he’s still chasing him even now?

  5. Richardson won two league titles with diffferent clubs and would have had a third if the ref hadn’t played ‘ Man U winning goal equals full time!! like the all fucking do at Old Trafford. I hated Bruce even before he managed the bluenose!

  6. Poor noses, never have been, never will be. If they didnt smell so bad , no-one would realise they were there

  7. Are you serious. I hope you told him it was because of the t-shirt.
    Was he really on drugs?

  8. i knew taity when i was young he threw his career away with drugs and always had a bad attitude. shit on the city
    we can be historians………….

  9. tait got played like the little kid he was,a hot head and not to good a footballer and the blues werte crap then as well

  10. Tait is a wanker. I punched his stupid face in outside Libertys coz he didnt have his lulu minders with him. Fkin blu nose pussy coward

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