15 thoughts on “Aston Villa Vs Bolton Crowd Reaction 24th April 2012”

  1. hardly surprising the fact their only 2 teams up north you and newcastle were the midlands has loads.

  2. attendance isn’t all that constitutes a ‘big’ club you twat, newcastle get big gates.. don’t mean they’re a big club

  3. Villa no average attendance of over 40,000 last 40 years.
    Sunderland average attendance of over 40,000 7 times in last 12 years. check on wiki for attendances
    to be a big club you need supports mate.

  4. who the fuck are sunderland? you northern wankers are obsessed with us after bent chose to move to a bigger club. have you ever won the european cup? no.

  5. your shit manager will no doubt prove incompetent when signing players at this level and you’ll end up in the shit…

  6. Why boo McLeish ? Aston Villa forced out one of the best managers in British football.

    Martin O’ Neil

  7. special agent mcleish, your work is nearly done.
    hahahahahah, keep right on

  8. Awfull, I can’t take much more.IF I wasn’t so much of a coward I would kill myself.

  9. Fuck. I hate what McLeish has done to this club. I know everyone is jumping on the hate for Randy, but honestly, McLeish is such a vile unlovable wretch of a man who obviously has no idea how to manage a football club.

  10. I sat behind the goal few seats beside you, sad to see villa park like it was

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