25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Leeds coca cola 96 pt 1”

  1. im looking at the leeds squad, and even though wonderful yeboah is there. villas squad is soo much stronger. mcallister was so overrated

  2. southgate and ehiogu, boro greats! have to say, this villa squad looks incredible. especially yorke

  3. Classic Villa team! That was the first villa shirt I ever had!!! We nearly won FA cup that year as well!

  4. Savo scored Wembley, Savo scored at Wembley, la la la, la la la. Boom Boom Boom!

  5. leeds were shocking on this day- any other day and the mighty whites would have preveiled

  6. Mattvilla26 i was at blackburn and we were 5-0 down when savo missed that sitter that lead to the fans trying to run on the pitch to chin him for not getting a consolation goal. He spat back in retaliation, he didnt instigate it. He was a great player whos all round play was never recognised. From your comments i wouldnt be surprised if you were the numbskull that lobbed the coin at a Harry redknapp the other day. Either support Villa like a human being or sod off. Crettin!!!

  7. Savo was never given a fair crack at the Villa. The majority of supporters expected far too much from a 21 year old who had never played football in the Prem, didn’t speak English and had big price tag hanging over him. His goal scoring record was never as atrocious as people made out.

  8. perhaps savo’s greatest ever goal, wasnt a bad bloke really, he didnt score loads but we played a lot better when he was on the pitch than when he wasnt.

  9. i remember this match so well, i was a happy blubbering mess at full time. memories are great but they are the past, lets hope martin can lead us onto greater glories in the future!

  10. No Wonder Leeds Lost Playing Carlton Palmer in the middle and Gary Speed at Left back!

  11. i nearly got on pitch to chin savo at blackburn when he spat at us ,fkin dikhed

  12. Loved seeing the sheep loving scum get hammered that day…and they were all having fits at the prospect of winning the pathetic thing….still 15 years without a trophy you queers.

  13. its depressing villa fans have to remininis about a cup victory 12 years ago, things have been bleak for villa this decade although the future looks brighter under martin o neil. Come on you villains!!

  14. One his day he was bloody great, but other days he just wasn’t on it, shame, he had the potential to be a real favourite.

  15. say what you like about savo but when he wanted to play he was fantastic. We absolutely spanked Leeds in this final.

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