25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Manchester United FA Cup 01/02”

  1. @haroonfunny94

    This was back in 2001, before Lerner’s millions. I am not saying that everybody was in on it. Perhaps maybe one player? Who knows? He didn’t just freeze, he moved out of the way.
    I hope I am wrong and he is just rubbish, if so then I apologise. It just looks really suspicious.

  2. @truthoutmedia 1. That is a disrespectful thing to say, aston villa is a big club and they would not need bribe money.
    2. If you have ever played football you will know that sometimes a player just freezes in moments like this to see what happens

  3. I know this is extreme, but I think this game was fixed. The most suspect goal was RVN last goal. Watch the centre half (number 4 I think). At 5:08 he should make the decision to either challenge RVN or cover the goal for a clearance. He does never. at around 5:08 he even takes a step back. at 5:10 he should be rushing back to cover the goal line. He takes a step to the left and allows RVN to score. Check out a similar pattern for his second goal also.

  4. Great night.. but not the greatest comeback ever. Spurs 3 United 5 was the greatest comeback ever.

  5. Fucking hell,3 goals in space of 5 minutes.What an epic comeback.Typical Manchester United..

    I so miss Ruud,He was so deadly in box for us,

    And our support..fantastic..
    Bin-dippers and bitter Berties – Take note,We are best fans in world,Proud to be an United fan..

  6. Reply to rj5220 Dennis Bailey scored a league hat trick for QPR at Old trafford on new Years day. I was at the game, united lost 4-1 i think.

  7. I WAS AT THIS GAME !!! my first ever away game i went to 😀 simply amazing, will never forget this night

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