24 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Tranmere 93/94 2nd leg semi final”

  1. what a game, bosnich had to go especially as john aldridge just didnt miss, 18 million for bent and i bet saunders was twice the player!
    TRFC forever

  2. haha.If you don’t think that was a goalscoring chance you need glasses :).look at it again.there was no way in this world aldo wouldn’t of had a shot on goal if not brought down.Anyway sooo long ago and all the best to you.I watched your game at chelsea and cheered when you got that equalizer:) Can’t stand the cheeting terry family and cocaine sniffing dad.all the best for Villa,your players are way to good to stay down there for long.As for us its a matter of time before we drop down 🙁

  3. @EQ2snorkle …should have gone????????????????????

    the ball was running away from goal,it wasn’t a goalscoring opportunity.

    was at the game bud, it lives in my memory as my favourite game ever in the holte end.unlucky for tranmere but have always kept a close eye on them ever since.
    good luck for this season bud.

  4. Villa were only the better side in the first ten minutes at prenton park,after that it was all tranmere.Let down by referees and the big club vs little club thing they always do.It wasn’t even a free kick for the goal Villa scored at PP.We even took penalties better as all 5 of ours were at least on target while yours were saved by a keeper that should of gone,and by the way he wasn’t even booked for that foul because he had a fake eye injury.After all these years you meh new post!

  5. disgrace, Bosnich the cheat should have been sat in the stands, and Milford gave a blatant biased free kick for atkinsons equaliser, only tranmere get an awayer ref at home and a homer ref away.FIX!

  6. Well, up until the Blackburn semi sercond leg, this WAS the most exciting game I’d ever seen. The 3-1 victory over Man U was pretty good too.

    I have seen 11 goals in a gamer as I was lucky enough to be at Wycombe for the 8-3 win. In the distant past, the 3-1 extra time Super Cup win over Barcelona was another Villa Thriller.

    Now looking forward to Sunday – first Wembley trip for 10 years. Hetre’s hoping for 2 more in the FA Cup in 2010!

  7. Still to this day the best game I’ve seen. Going be down the villa tonight for the blackburn semi, let’s hope for a cracker! Up the Villa

  8. If ever I saw a fixed match it was that one, there was some very iffy reffing in the penalty shoot out

  9. an amazing game, i can remember watching the first leg round a mates house and i was gutted but i knew dalians “consolation” kept us in it. This game was epic, Bozzy ws immense.

  10. at one stage in the semis we were 0-3 down, we got a late goal from sicknote then won one of the best cup ties Ive ever seen, sicknotes tie equalising goal 90 seconds from time, brilliant, our name was on the cup that year

  11. Villa were well Lucky to Get to Wembley Here! Could have been all so Different if Tranmere had taken the lead just before Villa’s 1st or if the Freekick had been just an Inch to the Right!

  12. that wasnt a red card, there were covering players, if it was a one on one then yes it should have been a red….but hahahahahaha we done u

  13. ROBBED!!! bosnich should never have been on the field should have been straight red card. refere disgrace

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