25 thoughts on “birmingham city v aston villa carling cup 1/12/2010 2010”

  1. im villa till i die
    im villa till i die
    so fuck you all blue waffle idiots
    you deserved then fireworks to hit u
    u cheating bastards

  2. lets see if they try that at millwall in a few weeks cant c it tho last time they came down they hid in the ground to well into the night barring hull city birmingham r the most over rated mob i know

  3. @HolteEnder85 Get a grip you mug. most top firms rate blues top 5. Your lot are ranked like the southampton’s and norwich type firm,s. And when our lad got put down, he was straight back up laying in again. you lot backed off a bit.

  4. @wednesburyvilla You obviously wasnt there, Villa was walking behind 2 lines of OB, the first line with 6 dogs and around 25. baton happy OB, laid into blues to clear them.They never ran from villa at all, they never got near, nor was the clements smashed up.U believe the media you muppet. Also the ones that went to an empty forge, got a right pasting at the side of the coach station.I mean bodies on floor. the OB just filmed, outside connaught a stand off.

  5. vile r going down with the wetspam your shit!!! The club that holds the citys name pride of brum sotv kro

  6. @TheMaydayboy It’s a public forum, you immense muppet, free to post both positive and negative comments about the video. So, for future reference, I suggest you visit a different site where you can grunt in peace with other singular-celled cerebral nimrods, and give the rest of us a break from reminding you to breath in and out every now and again. πŸ™‚

  7. I was at you blues shit ground you blues cunts, your still shit and villa will always be the better birmingham team. From you friendly spurs supporter.

  8. blues are a second rate mob these days. we smashed you at villa and then at your own place which is fucking hilarious, even one of you top boys got fucked up haha cunts.

  9. Every single person on the pitch and whoever was chucking seats and flares is an embarrassment. Think they’re some form of football casual lolol.

    Kids etc in that stand but no they think it’s ok to chuck flares. It’s no wonder England never got to host the WC with retarded neds on the pitch. Fucking saps.

  10. @cartyavfc erm yeah proper football WEVE GOT MORE POINTS THAN YOU!! u fu**ing moron typical villa fan. HAHAHAHHAHAHA it was sooooo funny watching the highlights of u lot shitting urselves. i know loads villa fans who went to the game and they were all terrified after the game cause of the blues, ur all pussies. always have been always will be

  11. Fucking scum bags. All over the Carling cup as well, shows how successful these two teams are. Fucking hooligan pricks.

  12. Brummies better rip up that shit heap called villa park next time ! Go on Birmingham, you’ve progressed a lot since promotion πŸ˜‰

  13. @supakev175 what you seriously call your shithole a ground we improved your facilitiesby what we did SOTC

  14. villa are SCUM ! I was at the match and they absolutley thrashed the toilets in the away end, fucking disgusting ! The reason why Blues acted so badly is cos of you vile scum thrashing OUR ground. Yeah we won and wanted to taunt them, but they threw the flare. Don’t be having a go at Blues when vile stared it !

  15. Disgraceful behaviour, and football fans have a pop at fifa because they won’t give them the world cup. Both clubs should be banned out of the competition for two years, and the person who scored the most goals in the previous round should go through as a replacement, also a fine of 1 Million from each club, as well as a three point deduction from the league. You are an embarrassment to the game and to your club. Scum!

  16. birmingham should be kick out of that cup .looking at wat we saw they ran on to the pitch to make trouble ,sort it out fc kick that trouble makeing shit out of the cup

  17. @TheMaydayboy listen 2 u, u fuckin retard bet your like 10 year old with a smart coment like that u little boy

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