25 thoughts on “Birmingham City vs Aston Villa, Pitch Invasion”

  1. BCFC fans get so much shit saying oh what have you won in the last whatever years!
    At least we don’t glory hunt! True supporters lie with teams like BCFC and stoke Blackpool even getting better to Everton and newcastle

  2. @crystalsdaddy But since 96 what have you won?


    also who went to wembley twice last season and won


  3. fucking inbred cunt if u was going to do anythink why didnt you u live on your old rep u cunts what about the 300 surposed to be lulus that ran on pitch then when got to our end stopped and thought shit lets bounce on our toes and shout luls why didnt u just steam in u twats fuck off u ar now one no more get over shit firm shit team shit ground just plain and utter shit fuck off

  4. Aston Villa

    EuropeanEuropean Cup 1:
    European Super Cup 1:

    League titles
    First Division Champions 7:[A]
    1893–94, 1895–96, 1896–97, 1898–99, 1899–1900, 1909–10, 1980–81
    FA Cup 7:
    1887, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1913, 1920, 1957
    League Cup 5:
    1961, 1975, 1977, 1994, 1996
    FA Charity Shield/FA Community Shield 1:

    Birmingham SCUM


  5. brummie twats, giving all the biggun and did u show at millwall? no! u bring about 400 down and the only people giving it were a fat cunt with a mop head and some scummy chav in a grey tracksuit with his hood up

  6. jus come bk frm millwall birmingham wot a joke the zulus r on the phone sayin theres 60 ov em at london bridge we got there not a zulu in sight then they wouldnt even answer the phone half hour later they have turned up with half a london old bill all being quiet birmingham r worse than hull stop pickin on the villa n come to millwall n for a big club like birmingham how come they only bought bout 500 ? wankers dont rate em WHERES YA ZULUS GONE WHERES YA ZULUS GONE

  7. Fair play to blues fans really, to many safety measures in modern football grounds, nice to see some action for once. Just like old times haha.

  8. @DahalMCFC Respect for sayin dat stupid blue nose scum let them have 1 night of glory cuz next time t villa wont let them off that easy

  9. Carnt wait for you brummy cunts to come down millwall in a few weeks, make sure you all take the cage route otherwise its gonna be bye bye zulus.

  10. @princessbluenose I didnt know that lol tbf all I was sayin though was u also ran on the pitch and the only reason was to wind villa up

  11. @GrubyTolek well I’m English and I didn’t complain about Poland hosting 2012. Don’t judge a whole nation by a few peoples comments, it makes you look dumb!

  12. Sad, blues fans invade the pitch after a narrow 2-1 victory in a shit cup… not even the final. fucking yobs. scummy blues fans need to man up and grow up.

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