Darren Bent signs for Aston Villa – Press conference

Hear the thoughts of Gerard Houllier and Darren Bent as Aston Villa unveil their new file signing. Watch a lot more videos like this at www.birminghammail.net
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25 thoughts on “Darren Bent signs for Aston Villa – Press conference”

  1. @fuckooo shut ya shit ya dog nonce weve got better palyers than bent and he is a true black doin things for money

  2. Gary Glitter Is Interested In Aston Villa Because They Are Bent Young And Apparently Keane 😉

  3. @wycombebarmy66 last year we had the second best defence next to chelsea, due to collins, dunne and freidel

  4. @drewerysafc1 Yeah, maybe you should be thankful for all the goals he scored for you.

    Sunderland fans are a disgrace, it was afterall, one of you that racially abused Bent’s mother. Just goes to show what a bunch of inbred, degenerate, backward fuck-wits you lot are.

  5. @wycombebarmy66 You’re a think cunt aren’t you.

    You make a pathetic correlation between Bent’s goals and the position of the clubs he has played for. As if he is the reason that those clubs have been relatively ‘mediocre’ over the last 5 years. Yeah right.

    You call Villa a selling club, but given Wengers NET spend it’s impossible to call Arsenal anything but a selling-club. Their policy has been to sign players, SELL them on, and reinvest. Just like Villa are having to do now (e.g. Milner)

  6. @fuckooo yes bent has a better record than current strikers but look where sunderland, charlton, spuds and arseton vile are in the league, and where they have been for the last 15 years!

    When Arsene Wenger retires he’ll be revered for his greatness, to single out a few single mistakes is both naive and moronic. Failing to mention Vieira, Anelka, Henry, Overmars, Petit, Nasri, Fabregas, Pires, ljungberg, Toure, Adebayor, Edu shows what a fairy boy nonce you are. VILLA = SELLING CLUB

  7. we got to wembly twice last year mate, and there is no way your gonna bat arsenal, zigic is a disgrace to football, carr and larrson are old an david bentlys gonna be shit

  8. fuck off bent and villa you cunts bent says on this interview he approached after newcastle game ther4 bruce was right he neva give bent the chance to speak to villa he did it behind bruces back
    bent just make sure u dont ever bump into a sunderland fan n have fun with the dirty brimie gay cunts

  9. @xixkieranxix Yes, Bent has a better strike rate than any of the Arsenal forwards, but the cunt can’t reason with facts.

    Basically, he is just your typical Arsenal fan, i.e. an absolute cunt.

    To say Bent is a waste of money is hilarious given Arsene Wenger has blown excess money on flops such as Reyes (17 million), Helb (15 million), Jeffers (8 million), even Arshavin has looked no where near worth what they paid for him.

  10. @wycombebarmy66 ye darren bent is second rate when he got equal goal rates with drogba and rooney and was playing with worse play makers? u have no idea u stupid mongol. also, when dunne and collins are in form they are prob one of the best centre backs in the prem as well

  11. @xixkieranxix Firstly, cheers for coming as im a gooner. Secondly, I’m just drawing comparisons to why darren bent is 2nd rate when u look at strikers at the top prem clubs (villa aren’t a top club). Thirdly, keep getting randy lerner to pump his money in, its the only hope villa have. In fact your whole teams shit, u need to buy a new player for every position bar downing and young.

  12. @fuckooo you’re the one that enjoys bumming him so much. I can’t wait for the next chapter in villa’s numpty history. It must be hard seeing Brum in wembley finals while you suck randy lerner’s dick for more money to waste!

  13. @wycombebarmy66 lol ur just retaliating to the fact that villa beat u 😀 bt seriously Bent’s record speaks for itself m8 and we all know heskey’s shit bt he helps with hold up play and with bent now at villa we i think these two will make a gd partnership anyway give us 20 billion pounds and we’d be top of the league by now cz we ent got some stupid italian who keeps buying strikers wen he clearly needs to look for players in other positions. city r just a club in the shadow of man u always will

  14. @MonkeyMackemMr i hope they go down the horrible bastards.two faced money grabbing bastard,aye he got some goals but fuck me he missed some sitters.thats his england days over.he is making a right arse of himself saying its got nowt to do with the money.he should have had the arse to tell brucey six weeks ago,but no he ran away.its the way he done it that pisses us off,not the fact he went.we got good money for him,none of the top 4 came in for him,that tells ya summit.safc ftm.

  15. @wycombebarmy66 Funny, because whenever I read one of your posts, the pejorative ‘cunt’ springs to mind.

    You have an unhealthy obsession with Darren Bent and Villa fans, plus an unhealthy disregard for arguements based on facts.

    In short, go fuck yourself you absolute cretin.

  16. @wycombebarmy66 1) it is easy for a multi billionaire chairman just to buy players for way over their actual value, 2) why are you giving examples of the attackers of manu, arsenal, spurs and and liverpool ? it makes no sense you retard, so thank you for confirming that man city fans are the thickest in the country

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