Grealish wants to help Aston Villa

Aston Villa forward Jack Grealish said that he wants to do everything he can to help the team get back to the Premier League.

He said that he is ready to fight for the team, and he wants to become an inspiration to others. He believes that if each player put their strength together and show determination on the pitch, they will be able to make it back to the Premier League.

Jack Grealish was only a peripheral figure last season where he only managed to make 9 appearances for the team. However, he is desperate for change this season and wants to form part of the core players that will bring the team back to the Premier League.

He acknowledges that he is not a great leader off the pitch. He is not someone that will raise his voice on the pitch or in the changing room, but he wants to show the way by improving his performance on the pitch. He said that he is an attacking player and that the only way for him to contribute and inspire others is by scoring goals and creating assists.

He said that besides being an Aston Villa player, he is also a fan and he understands how they feel at the moment. He knows the fans have been hurt by the relegation and that he wants to fight for them. He said it was also hurtful as a player to see your club go down, and he intends to be the one that helps the team go up again.

He admitted that he did not have the best of seasons and that he wants things to change next season. He wants to play more and make sure that he influences the outcomes of games through his performance.