John Terry, coach of Aston Villa seems to enjoy his retirement and declares that he does not miss playing

John Terry who has won a swarm of trophies as a player is now a coach at Ashton Villa. The Chelsea player has recently been in news talking about his break from the game and addressed his relief on retirement after playing hard as a professional player for so many days. He also said in an interview that he does not actually miss being a professional player; rather he is enjoying his free time and retirement from the game.

The England legend has won almost 18 trophies while working with Chelsea including five Premiere League tiles, a Champions League title, four FA Cups and s Europa League. The 38 year old has had his full chance at winning in a lot of games and has his shelves full of silverware.

The last season of the league was the last time Terry played as a professional which turned out in favour of Ashton Villa that helped them reach the playoff finals and although there were news of Terry coming closer to joining the team of Moscow, there suddenly came a news that he turned down this move and announced his retirement in October.

 Currently, one of the members in the team B6, John Terry recently has been in a none of the shows and was asked if he did miss playing for the team. The reply he gave was somewhat surprising for most of his fans considering the fact of how long he has been in the game and how successful he has been throughout.

Terry said, matter-of-factly that he isn’t missing the game other than just the routine setups. The pressure of the game has got to him and he is enjoying without it. He also said that one may watch the games like the final of the League and they want to be a part of the game but the pressures that surround the game and the pressure which the game puts on him isn’t something he enjoyed very much that is why he is enjoying his retirement now.