25 thoughts on “Liverpool 3×0 Aston Villa – “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal””

  1. @GetAnOgiFullOfThat dont make me laugh mate everton, I thought maybe birmingham I would of let you have the slightest say but everton, you may fill your allocation but your fans have to have one of the worst vocal support ever to exist, home and away I went to goodison to watch millwall and it reli was one of the quietest places Ive ever been, Ive been to louder places that hold about 3.000 fans, I can assure you from any outsiders opinion everton have 1 of the worst vocal followings going.

  2. Nice vid, you guys should check out soccerfansconnected, a great site for footy fans all over the world !

  3. @KyeMFC sorry but actually theyve both got pretty big fanbases, especially everton who are the team that have had the most seasons of ANY team in the top flight whether it was division 1 or the premiership and were in the first ever football league. you go to any everton away match, you can hear them singing over the home supportersmost of the time.

  4. @GetAnOgiFullOfThat did u say everton or birmingham, possibly two of the terriblest supported clubs in the prem, should of found better examples than that. Fair play to the villa fans at least they have a sense of humour, most fans would of just stopped singing and left.

  5. @n9andy We just won a great game against Gent. (thera not that good but for some reason they hate us) and lets hope we’ll have maby more victories to come! Bruges till I die!

  6. @harrywilkono1 thats why there are so many empty seats then? never see that many at an away everton or birmingham game. villa have no support mate

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