Mark Hughes reckons if the finishing had been slightly better for Stoke City

Mark Hughes reckons if the finishing had been slightly better, Stoke City would have been able to beat the Premier League toppers Manchester City by a much bigger margin than it actually did.

Stoke City secured a 2-0 victory in that home game which not only helped them move slightly up and make their way towards the top half of the points table, but, also made sure that City lost the top position and came down to third.

The defeat of Manchester City benefitted Leicester City which is now at no. 1 in the League standings, a couple of points clear.

Speaking in the press conference after the game was over, Hughes said, “The game plan was there, but, it had to be executed and I must say, the execution was pretty good today. It was overall an exceptional show.”

“It would have been a bigger win if we had been able to convert all the opportunities that we created, it would perhaps have turned embarrassing for City.”

“But, two-nil is not a bad margin to win by when you are up against a top team. At the start of the day, we would definitely have taken that. So, we should be happy.”

It was Manchester City’s defence which faltered again, for the umpteenth time.

The Sky Blues are actually yet to have a League match in the ongoing season in which they don’t let a goal get scored against them.

Yes, they have conceded in every game in the 2015-16 Premier League which is a big, big concern for Manuel Pellegrini.

And, Hughes was absolutely right in his analysis when he said that they would have found themselves in an embarrassing situation if it had not been for some recklessness on part of Stoke on a few occasions.