22 thoughts on “Michael Bradley to Aston Villa”

  1. haha this fool team is retarded. im looking forward to watching him in the EPL. also why do fans have to pick sides between football and soccer? both sports are amazing

  2. @teamv1ru5 Yea you are a moron. He was far and away our best and most consistent player in the WC. It’s ignorant Americans like you that give us a bad name. I don’t like his dad as the coach after he started Clark. But Michael is class. It’s so sick that he is in the BPL now. Do all us true Yank footy fans a favor and stick to THROWBALL!!!

  3. @723FootballFilms…dude you are so good at picking epic music for your vids! Keep up the great work….

  4. @723FootballFilms I watched him in the Eredivisie and he honestly doesn’t play like an American hes got the potential to be better than Clint Dempsey and Dempseys quite alright for Fulham.

  5. @teamv1ru5 So Darren Ferguson is only a manager because of Alex Ferguson, look what happened to him, sacked from Preston whereas Bradley is only going up! UTV

  6. I think Petrov’s strop against United a few days ago has now given him a place on the bench, I think it’ll be Bradley and Makoun in midfield against Fulham.

  7. @teamv1ru5 Umm…that is 100% false. If USA did have another coach (which they should) and that coach didn’t have Michael Bradley in the starting 11, then he would be making a HUGE mistake. Michael Bradley is possibly our best young talent at this point (Jozy – check the mirrors).

  8. @teamv1ru5 How dumb can you be? So he’s played in the Eredivise, Bundesliga, and Premiership by the age of 23 because of his dad? Great fucking logic pal. I bet you are the type of fan that wishes Ricardo Clark got more playing time. Giving real USMNT fans a bad name one dumbass YouTube comment at a time.

  9. Sure hope he gets a decent amount of minutes. Gonna be hard to break the starting 11, but best of luck to him.

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