25 thoughts on “Millwall vs Aston Villa (Part 1)”

  1. We are premier league lads by the way. Its the FA Cup – big teams do go out. You lot arent the first to do it

  2. Can you put together a decent comment that shows the point you are trying to get a across properly?

  3. well done millwall easy easy easy villa Bradford owned you now millwall easy easy lol

  4. Stfu You Scum Bags Get A Job Maybe As A Binman to clean out ur area:D VTID How Can you sing who are wee 100 years and youve won nothing

  5. Link won’t work. Just put Burnley Um Ba Ba and there’s one or two recent ish ones. Sounded a good atmosphere btw against Villa

  6. Just to show you what I mean here’s a short version from earlier this season

  7. Millwall2298 – Burnley weren’t “taking the piss last week” I can promise you. Burnley fans sing “Um Ba Ba” and have done since the summer of 1983 when Malcolm McClaren brought out Double Dutch. Check it out on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. It’s used to be our goal scoring celebration in the terrace days but now come out for big games usually. I thought you’d nicked it that’s all. I wasn’t making an issue of it but BFC didn’t nick it from you. The words sound a little different???


  9. The jumping up an down chant, is that supposed to be a copy of the Burnley chant from last week?

  10. Let em come, let em come, let em come
    Let em all come down to The Den
    Let em come, let em come, let em come
    We’ll only have to beat em again
    It’s the best team in London, no the best team of all
    Everybody knows us we’re called Millwall!!!!
    Let em come, let em come, let em come
    Let em all come down to The Den!!!!!!
    We love you Millwall!!!! From greece with love!!!!!

  11. Won’t let me post link, google this: Millwall 2 Aston Villa 1: Bottle-throwing yobs ruined our big night, blasts Jackett

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