25 thoughts on “Paul Merson – Aston Villa Bigger Club Than Newcastle”

  1. Aston Villa will never ever finish even top 8 again lol, Newcastle have
    just finished 5th recently and finished 3rd, 4th and 5th under Sir Bobby
    Robson. Whichever thick cunt thinks Villa even come close to being as big
    as Newcastle need a good beating hahaha dopey twats. Villa.. Forever in the
    bottom 6, LOL.

  2. If that isn’t enough, who batters who every time we play at Villa Park???

  3. Oh and aston villa have never been relegated from the premier league,
    unlike, yes people you guessed it……. Newcastle United. You newcastle
    fans think having a big stadium makes you a big club. Behave please hahaha

  4. Paul Merson is just a biased prick along with the rest of the sky cronies!

  5. Merson was obviously still a raging piss head ,when he blurted that
    Fucking Bell end.

  6. Haha ians back, mr gimp boy, im definitely suprised u can read, omg!!!!!

  7. Recently? Ya plank, you finish bottom 6th last season! We all must be in
    dire of a good beating then, but not likely to come from you is it, your
    definition of a beating is to land in Brum with ya leathers on, whip in one
    hand ky jelly in the other. No ta, we’ll pass thanks ya gimp.

  8. Historically Aston Villa are a bigger Club As far as i’m aware they don’t
    give cups for finishing 3rd, 4th & 5th, At the moment Newcastle are better
    but there isn’t much between the bottom 10 clubs.

  9. Couldn’t really give a fuck what any geordie boys reckon. The villa have
    always been a bigger club always will be. And when villa wpn Europe we did
    it as champions. How many times have you won it? I rest my case now hush up

  10. biggest clubs in England IMO 1) Manchester United 2) Liverpool 3) Arsenal
    4) take your pick on current form or who is the owner is from the following
    Villa, Leeds Newcastle, Everton, Sheffield Wednesday, Spurs, Chelsea,
    Forest, Wolves, and possibly Sunderland or Man city

  11. Lololololol I’m sorry to any newcastle fan but
    ……… How many league titles have you won? How many fa cups? How many
    league cups? European cup, we have 1, you have none. European super cup, we
    have 1, you have none. Work it out people. EVEN Sunderland have won more
    league titles than newcastle. We won it all before money was involved.

  12. First of all Paul Merson is the biased pundit there is on sky sports second
    he says outside villa and Newcastle no one wears the respective
    jerseys, I’m from the south east of Ireland and have been a passionate
    supported of Newcastle since after the 2002 world cup mainly thanks to Shay
    Given and obviously when I saw Shearer and I’m not the only one there are
    Newcastle fan clubs all around the country probably villa too what im
    saying is that Newcastle especially up until about 2004/05 are amongst one
    of the biggest teams in England granted they haven’t won much in their
    recent History but that’s not what solely makes a club, a big attribute is
    stadium size, look at old Trafford, attracts visitors the whole year round
    same as st james also the general history of the club, Newcastle have had
    high profile players and managers at their club in the last decade. In all
    honesty teams like Man City are plastic as money has made them. 5 or 6
    years ago it was more likely that city would go down than win the league,
    my point is Newcastle have always been around thus they should be rated as
    certainly one of the bigger clubs in England

  13. yea youve used the exact comment before…the issue is why this video

  14. Liverpool have around 42000 – 44000, are Newcastle bigger than Liverpool

  15. We have played shite lately and we can still beat Villa. ( Says it all

  16. Newcastle trophies won…top division=4, FA cups=6, Intertoto
    Cup=1 /Villa…top division=7, FA cups=7, League cups=5 European Cup=1 (and
    an Intertoto gay cup too). what’s the point in having a bigger revenue&
    bigger stadium if you win fuck all dumbass Newcastle. and yeah its been a
    fucking while since we won anything but its been a lot more recent since
    Newcastle have…unless u count the intertoto…..

  17. We dont need him, benteke is a better striker all day long, realli suprised
    me there luke, u can read a book, omg!!!!!

  18. And spurs get 36,230 Newcastle 52000, you’re talking shit!! Capacity make
    ya bigger does it?

  19. Clueless geordie you may have a better team but your not a bigger club 

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