24 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie amazing volley goal against Aston Villa [HD]”

  1. haha, he said “jeg hakke ord”, meaning i dont have words, in english

  2. Translations for the commentary: “Aaaand again its served on a silverpalte, ohh Robin van Persie, it is art, it is so fantastic to watch. ai ai ai, i dont have words” “Its just to congratulate, you dont get better goals than this, the pass from Rooney, and van Perise on volley on the far post, it is ART at Old Trafford” 😉

  3. epic goal epic player epic team epic match epic reation epic vid

  4. Great goal 🙂 too bad it’s offside but hey, it’s Man. United 🙂

  5. He said ” Jeg har ikke ord!”.

    Translations: “I have no words!”

  6. Yo vi ese partido 😀
    Si mal lo recuerdo, RvP, metio 3 goles ese dias 😀

  7. I love the commentary, can’t stop watching it. Class goal from a new legend.

  8. Norwegian actually sounds incredibly weird when heard by a foreigner, but at least our commentators don’t shout: “Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool”. Thanks to that, I still have a TV.

  9. Same here, I imagined him taking that straightway, just as he did for arsenal against Cech and exactly. He laced the ball whoopty whoop. Rooney used to take one time shots too, i dun knw who advised him to stop. just killed his game

  10. I will spend all of next season watching RVP, and silently saying to myself “Ar yar yar yar HOOPTY HOO!”

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