Roy Keane left Aston Villa due to Toxic Nature

Roy Keane spent less than 5 months as the assistant manager of Paul Lambert in Aston Villa as the Irish football manager left his position in the Premier League on November 28 of the current year and as soon as he left there were reports claiming that he left because his presence in the English team was toxic as he delivered negative vibes and influence to the team with the manager even having issues with certain players but Paul Lambert has stepped up and rejected those claims.

Paul Lambert was starting to feel frustrated by the influence and the false information that the media has been spreading around involving Roy Keane as Lambert stated that all of it was untrue: “There were no issues whatsoever. I spoke to Roy this morning and had a chat last night as well. The guy is run off his feet with his Irish commitments and I respected that. It is absolute nonsense what has been written about him.

“I find it bizarre because Roy was great for me, great for everybody at the football club. So I have nothing but thanks for Roy for coming in. There weren’t any bad words on anything.That is the disappointing thing, to read a headline whereby people said there was a poisonous atmosphere here when Roy was here. That is laughable.”

Roy Keane will continue his coaching career by focusing more on the Irish national football team where he also plays an assistant manager role along with Paul Lambert meanwhile Aston Villa is going through a fairly better campaign in the Premier League as they are safely above the bottom relegation zone which is slightly better than the previous season where they just barely managed to survive.