25 thoughts on “Scholes VS Aston Villa”

  1. It’s no coincidence that footballing greats who evidently know a bit or two about football always value Scholes as their best. Even in the training ground, every interview I see mentions Scholes as the best. He hasn’t stood in the limelight and milked it as a celebrity yet he gets so much praise.

  2. @aced1592 glenn hoddle was a better passer of the ball than scholes & chris waddle a better winger than giggs. FACT

  3. @LionelMessi2005 England midfielder yes. Great Britain Top 5 Giggs is better along with B.Charlton, Best(if your saying the UK)

  4. scholes should shoot more these days,still one of the best strikers of the ball in the league.

  5. @K6C10 err, gerrard’s was a half volley of a bouncing ball. he just had to get his foot over it and direct it with power.

    impressive, but nothing like catching a high ball coming out of the air and striking it from underneath so it dips a fraction under the crossbar. a different level of technique and concentration is required.

    if you want to compare a scholes goal to gerrard’s fa cup goal, i’d use the middlesbrough away goal. and scholes still wins.

  6. Paul. You are a fantastic Manchester United Legend! The day you retire, something is missing in United

  7. look at the keeper as soon as it goes in. hes tripping like wtf???? lol great goal

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