SK Rapid Wien – Aston Villa 1:0 // Nikica Jelavic (High Definition)

Nikica Jelavic erzielt im Europa League-Qualifikationshinspiel gegen Aston Villa nach Maßflanke von Christopher Drazan nach sixteen Sekunden das 1: für Rapid und stellt damit auch den Endstand her. SK Rapid Wien – Aston Villa one: (1:) Hanappi-Stadion 17.800 Zuschauer (ausverkauft) Tor: Jelavic one.

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  2. @Messias191 sagt nicht das wort das dein vater jeden morgen über dich spritzt wenn er dein gesicht sieht

  3. @TheGreatVice and when was the last time villa got to a European final ?
    you prick, and b4 u ask it was 2008 for Rangers

  4. @TheGreatVice yea when was the last time aston villa got a draw a old trafford ? you will prob get relegated this season anyway

  5. bin zwa ein vollblut austrianer aber was die rapidler gelegentlich bringen ist echt genial^^und international sollte man ja so und so zu der mannschaft halten die aus dem eigenen land ist;-)

  6. @kly45 Rangers would finish 8th Celtic would finish 12th and champion and confrence for rest of shitty scottish league

  7. @TheGreatVice 4th? Doubt it. Not with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, City and spurs in it. Rangers would do brilliant in the EPL. Because of our fanbase we would be a massive target for tycoons.

  8. @kly45 Villa would have to come atleast 4th in the premier league( 1 of hardest leagues) theres only 2 teams in the scottish league that are actually decent so its easy for you to qualify, try playing in the prem

  9. @Crushcanon He is also only inelligable to play for CL group stages, he can play for us if we qualify or if we get to europa league.

  10. @Crushcanon Because Jelavic is a very good player. I would be pissed if I lost a good player at Rangers – we lost many. You’re jealous because you are resorting to name calling one of your players – yeah you LOVE him when he scores goals but when he wants to move to a bigger club he is ‘jelashit’

    Yeah and Rangers get CL football every year, or sometimes europa league (final 2008 much?) jelavic is on a 4 year contract muppet! He will play in the CL for us.

  11. @kly45 one more thing.jelabitch changed because he wanted to play in the CL.As he can’t,the change was senseless

  12. @kly45 give me one reason why I should be jealous. I just didn’t like that he told the club to go to the rangers on the day of the match against villa.

  13. @TheGreatVice Now refresh my memory mate, who is playing in the champions league and who couldn’t even get into the Europa league? ya bitter muppet

  14. @TheGreatVice Ohh yeah did we choose the Scottish League? Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think e did, we can’t fucking help that dickhead. The english league is only good becausae rupert murdock bought the rights toit and sold it around the world to make it look like the ‘ultimate league’ for all players. Even so, is it Villa you support (judging by your favourites)? Weird you’re watching this video.

  15. @kly45 what sort of competition is the scottish league? its fucking amatuer

  16. @TheGreatVice Aye we’re also in the champions league too you stupid prick. 53 league titles and the 5th best UK ranked club in Europe. Get it round ye!

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