Stan Collymore celebrates Aston Villa goal vs Chelsea – Including aftermath

Stan “The Man” Collymore commentates enthusiastically for TalkSport as Aston Villa grab a previous moment equalizer at Stamford Bridge to make the last score three-3. Some nearby Chelsea followers take exception to this and give him abuse reside on air. Stan tells them where to go! Later on on his phone-in indicate he slags off the Chelsea assistance for excellent measure!
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25 thoughts on “Stan Collymore celebrates Aston Villa goal vs Chelsea – Including aftermath”

  1. stan collymore is an absolute legend. about time we get true fans commentating games not some of these clowns like mark bright!

  2. @iReazoNz Stan Collymore, as a player, was sometimes as unpopular in his own dressing room as he was on the terraces of opposing teams. A man who, despite his undoubted talent, won nothing of note during his career.

    Talksport think it’s acceptable to employ a man who once attacked his then-girlfriend in a Paris bar, dragging her to the floor and aiming kicks at her head. Stan Collymore, a man who went out and had sex with strangers in car parks while he was married. Stan Collymore is a CUNT

  3. funny how he mentions the atmospheres at old trafford and anfield that chelsea fans should look to emulate when we took the piss at those 2 grounds last season

  4. im a villa fan, what do u expect me do? score in last minute yes,yes,yes,get in, love ur passion stan,,up the villa!!!!

  5. great commentry, great man. those particular chelsea fans only sing when they’re winning.

  6. Why shouldn’t he be able to celebrate his teams goal like that? thats who he supports!

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  9. @1andybaby
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    “Should HAVE been more professional.”

  10. Just because the bloke has passion for the game, ok, he should of been professional about it, but god he’s human….

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