25 thoughts on “That’s entertainment – Aston Villa style”

  1. We’ll always be the biggest club in England devoid of how many trophies the other English teams win we and (William McGregor) founded the Football League and most of the other teams Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, wouldn’t be able to win trophies if it weren’t for us trophies are just won by money now and we’ve got owners and managers that are beneath us we will always be the best team in ENGLAND UP THE VILLA!

  2. nostalgic watching o’neill jumping up and down on the sidelines. wouldn’t see gerard gowl-bag doin that. get rid

  3. Andy caroll 9 ru that sad to say that u obviosly t jelous of r club and u lost caroll to Liverpool and who relagated you excacly shut up

  4. @mrhitmanisback
    mr. blue scum…lets have a look on table … OHHHHH blue scum is behind us…you’ll be never better then Villa kay ?


  5. @GhibliFan1 lol, not bad…..can u answer my other question below: who else has light blue and burgundy uni’s besides Aston Villa and West Ham? i love those colour combos!

  6. @quincee33

    Because they were fairly recently bought out by oil rich Sheiks. And if you ever hear us call their ground “the council house”…it is because their ground is rented from Manchester City Council (it’s a put down…as people on low incomes live in rented council houses). We also call them Bertie McGoos (rhymes with ‘bitter blues’). Now you’re an expert in insulting Man City! Go forth and multiply, my son. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. @10vanillabear Hello from Canada, quick question: besides Aston Villa and West Ham, who else has the light blue and burgundy colours? love those uniforms!!!!

  8. Congrats on beating The Arabs (Man City), Villa boys! Everyone baulked at the Bent price tag, but I looked at it as a bargain…he’s scored only less than Drogba and Rooney. He’s your new instant hero too, scoring on his debut….and you did us a favour (United). Congrats!

  9. @mrhitmanisback mate whoever you are im sure you was one of them cu nts shoutin ‘zulu’ at the top of his voice when hes never met a zulu in his life. i saw the bluenose scumbags runnin as we smashed up ya pubs. so open ya eyes next time instead of standin there screamin ‘please dont hurt me’

  10. Lol blues r not back, u won a flukey game, haven’t we all, just look at the history blues and it will say everythink

  11. @mrhitmanisback Blues are back? They were never good… Funny too, you guys beat us for the first time after what a 6 game losing streak? Oh, also have fun with your record 9th place on the table.

  12. @mrhitmanisback one win in six years though ey. not exactly a good record, lol.
    lets not forget you lost to relegation zone wolves 1-0 hahaha.

  13. LOL, I was a Cov City fan for over 20 years, but I just switched to Villa!! Fortunately I live overseas so unlikely to get battered…ironically remember running battles in the late 80s in the street between cov and villa fans on the way to Witton station, police on horses etc….got off to a good start with the win over West Brom!!

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