25 thoughts on “Aston Villa and Birmingham City fans give their verdict…”

  1. did anyone else notice ALL the blues fans were chavvy SCUM from council estates hahahahahahahahaha SOTC .. UTV

  2. @K6HolteEnderRow31 yes blues fans was in the wrong for invading the pitch, but we ripping seats and trashing the toilets AND throwing flares at us was un called for…

  3. @DivineHayes I promise you that the only reason that we got so roudy was because all the pitch invading blues fans started throwing coins and bottles at us, ive got a video on my fone and you can clearly see a fanta bottle coming from the blues fans first. If you hadnt of provoked it, it wouldnt of got so out of hand.

  4. @K6HolteEnderRow31 What more is there to say?
    Well to start.
    We dont trash toilets
    We dont rip seats of stands
    in other words we can take loosing people like those fans ruin the game for everyone else, and now cause of that Blues have reduced villa’s allocation for the next home game to 1500 you have no one else to blame except for you so called ‘biggest fans’ if they were your biggest they would of just walked away and said oh well we got them again in January lets prove what we can do then…

  5. First time blues beat us for ages when
    We dominated, played r kids and get luckier than some winning the lootery, name one thong blues has bigger than villa

  6. @joeyboythekaratekid7 villa 5 scum 1 , villa 7 times in a row, blues 1 time in a row, villa wembley = 2 blues wembley = 0. Villa park 43.000, st andrews 27.000. What more is there to say.

  7. 0:41 ‘you take what you get’ yeah, you couldnt get some so you had to take that fat bitch instead of someone else you dirty villa bastard.

  8. “This is how it feels to be city, this is how feels to be blues, this is how it feels when your team does nothing but lose, nothing but lose”.

  9. Music filing guru pussy hole say it to a villa fans face u pussy hole fuk ur moms and dada I filed u mom she’s discusting

  10. Notice how everyone with a brummie accent is a Birmingham fan. Villa you bunch of upper class twats fuck off back to warwick

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