25 thoughts on “Aston Villa fans”

  1. @wellithenob u must be livid at the fact we been to wembly twice this season beat u scumy cunts 2wice this season n qualified for european football 2wice in 2 seasons u worm wat was your highlight of the season gettin a point off manu at home wat a wanka lol

  2. @welligog
    How did you get on at winning a trophy since 1963 which means something o sorry.

  3. @abreyavfc Bet u must be livid at the moment then you vile twat – how did you get on in that trampy cup final today ?
    Oh hang on i’ve just switched Sky on – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you fuckin shit bunch of losers !!

  4. its gets me mad when bluenoses give it loads over a computer screen, pipe down and accept were double the size of your shitty scummy small heath dump hole that should never of existed, i hate you with a passion, rant over

  5. id say more birmingham fans than villa fans in birmingham. but im not sure but i think the scum(villa) unfortunately hav bigger fan base becuz supporters in the surrounding towns.

  6. we’ve always been there through thick and thin, we wernt exactly amazing then and we took 4-5000 there! UTV SOTC

  7. so basically ur saying they are not british beacuse of their skin colour, u need to sort ur head out mate

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