6 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Everton (2012-2013 Season) Highlights MOTD did not show MUST WATCH !!”

  1. We have won european cup winners cup in 1985 and why are you still looking to the past? is it because villa are fucking shite now? haha relegation this season.

  2. @1878Everton4life Im not saying you did not dominate the game, you tactically out classed us like you did against Man United, Everton are a good side and Moyes is a top manager. I made this to stop the negativity and show fellow villa fans that we did not play that bad and we need another striker to get on the end of the balls in the box ! 😀

  3. shut the fuck up you fucking scouse sewer rat, i don’t care how shit we are… losing to the fucking baggies is criminal. now don’t be robbing houses cunts

  4. We absolutely dominated you in every area that day so don’t make out you didn’t play shite.

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