25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Man Utd 93/94 Final pt 1Coca Cola”

  1. Yeah but we are still NOT arrogant. Sorry but you can’t say that we are. And you’ve won trophies but you haven’t had a compact team since your two robots tevez and ronaldo fucked off and that’s why i hope man u get beat at some point because NO WAY would they deserve an unbeaten season after how they have played this season. A win against blackburn at home really means fuck all. If you beat us tomorrow then yes- I will shut up and EVRA is RIGHT lol simple lol.

  2. @sexycesc you ain’t arrogant yet wenger has a go at anyone who even attempts to tackle his young midgets and convienctly forgets his team have had one of the worse disciplinary records in the league. Plus everytime they give a poor team a pasting trying to convince themselves and everyone else that somehow they are the best footballing team when they had one good season over 6 years ago now! We’ve earnt the right to be arrogant now and then Arsenal haven’t for years!

  3. Well mate we took THIRD us arrogant goons and WE AIN’T arrogant we are not the ones telling the press the opposition are shit and won’t win nothing and are a ‘training centre’. Sorry but you might win trophies but we are not arrogant. You are.

  4. 2:52 Paul McGrath breaks into a sprint! Is this the only clip of that event in existence?! Brilliant video and great memories of a fantastic day. Same again this year please lads.

  5. my mom lesley knight aka pepe knight made this flag it took her 7 days and was sold for £50 at the local pub check it out 3mins 307 seconds in

  6. always had a soft spot for villa…and im an arsenal fan! hope u finish top 4 this season, but behind us of course 🙂

  7. its so cool! iam best mates with dalian atkinson’s son so it is so weird watching him here

  8. How Exactly did we “Cheat You” Out of the Title when we Finished 10 points Clear with a Better Goal Difference! You were out of the Title Race with 3 Games to Go! Maybe you shouldn’t have lost at Home to Oldham then! Even if we had only Drawn against Weds at Home we Still would have Won the Title! There were 37 Other Games you know!

  9. Been lookin for this for Ages! LOL! Was Gutted United didn’t win cause I saw them Thrash Wednessday 4-1 in the Semis and was Sure they were gonna do the Domestic Treble! Oh Well Maybe This Season! Hope you finish 4th and put the Arrogant Goons in their Place but long as you don’t get a Result on Sunday :-)!

  10. first of all im not anywhere near you to actually go away, you dont know where i live and im actually a schizophrenic so please dont refer to me as an individual as i find that racist, god Man united fans cant string one decent sentence together

  11. Yes, a great day and a great win for Villa.

    Just a pity that our League record against United has been so abysmal ever since!!!!!

  12. half the irish team were in that squad houghton staunton mcgrath townsend great side

  13. fight fight wherever we may be we are the boys from the holte army and well lead u all whoever u may be cause we are the boys from the holte army

  14. ‘and “little plastic” thats rich coming from a villa fan ‘ I see you don’t know the meaning of ‘plastic’? How you can call a villa fan a plastic is beyond me..

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