25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Man Utd 93/94 Final pt 2Coca Cola”

  1. Wtf is keegan on about the ref doesnt have to do this, it was a handball and it was going in the goal, thats a straight red u fucking prick keegan.

  2. what a fucking team…….bozzy, macca, teale, townsend, deano and dalian and not not forgetting big fat ron….happy days!!!!!!!

  3. @bcolborn This was in 94, when not every offense led to a booking or red card. Different and better era in football.

  4. 2010.02.28 = Damn, the lines-man cheating. He gave u as offside when 2 manure were in front of urs. Boo hiss.

  5. Was there and wot a great day it was. Just hope for the same result on the 28th feb. Ain’t going this time cos I got kids now and money issues but will be cheering the boys on from back in brum. Come on u villa boys!

  6. Oh the memories!!!! Mixed emotion for me as i sold my Sega MegaDrive to buy a Ticket for the game only to be told by my Dad i couldn’t Go!!!! What a Victory Tho!!! Hopefully we’ll do it again this year!!!! Come on Villa Boys!!

  7. @drrrink00 I hope they can call back some of the old boys to comentate on the game, Bosnich needs to be recognised for the part he did then to get us there I have seen him on Foxtel in Sydney and he is still a hit overthere.

  8. that glorious opportunity has arisen once more – please MON and co dont waste it, lets kick 10 bells outta these merenary fans and players

  9. I was at the game and Villa went into it as the major underdogs. What a way to stuff Utd.. We did it again this year at Old Trafford. Way To Go Villa!!!!! (hopefully it won’t be as long before we give Utd a good ass kicking again!!!)

  10. Too right mate. Next day I called ITV and complained. They said Brian Moore was a great commentator and was totally un-biased. Yeah right!

  11. wembley stadium: the 1920s
    big ron’s shades: the 1970s
    sealey’s jersey. daley’s hair: the 1990s.

  12. I do believe the penalty and sending off rule is a little harsh. Its being punished twice for the same offence. Maybe they could give the peno and if they score it then the player stays on and if not then the player gets sent off. That prob stupid too haha. Just an idea though. I dunno but it does seem a bit harsh. UP THE VILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. They’ve changed rules before such as tackling fro behind and the backpass rule so why not this one! Other example id Lehmen in C.L Final Barca Played on a Scored but got denied their goal and the Keeper got Sent off! Just allowing the goal would have been the sensible thing to do!

  14. a) It was only a “Suggestion” to stop games being spoiled by silly sending offs! b) There is no such thing as Man U or Man U Rules! I think you will find United have actually Failed to score to injury time more often than they have scored so it’s not really an extra advantage! Being a Team who creates a lot of chances and keeps the opposition under constant pressure is what is an advantage! I suppose other teams never get Inj time in there games do they? Boring Cliches again! Get a Grip!

  15. as for cashcack, were not going by man ure rules here (well that makes a bloody change, infinite injury time, etc) – read the fifa rule book IF U PUNCH BALL OFF LINE WHATEVER MINUTE OF GAME, = RED CARD. LIVE WITH IT

  16. bcolborn, if u old enough to remember was sign of times. listen to tone of voice of villa goals, commentators heartbroken ball hittin net. i remember daily mirror spouted same man ure biased shite same time. why cudnt they accept smashed to bits on the day??

  17. how is it a bad idea? It would stop games being spoilt by silly sending offs! If he handles it anywhere else in the area it’s only a yellow card and penalty so why should it be different on the goal line? Once you are in the penalty area you can argue that anywhere is a goal scoring chance! It’s Double Punishment! The Pen is enough in itself!

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