25 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Tranmere 93/94 2nd leg Pens”

  1. @tomhoneyfield ….i did that exact same thing when we played everton in 85…i was 12 years of age with my dad…sat in the trinity….got knocked out…the trinity got sacked After that………YIPPEE I AY YIPPEEE I OH…..

  2. How on earth Villa got through this is anyone’s guess! 3-1 down from the 1st leg. Keeper nearly gets Sent off. Equalise the tie with just a few minutes to go. Nearly concede in stoppage time again. Then the Keeper saves the penalty that would have taken the opposition into the final, and they win in sudden death.

  3. Best league cup semi final ever.I was there that night and never experience nothing like that electric atmosphere ever again

  4. cheating refs cheating officials same old story “big” club v “little” club, bosnich should have been soaking in his mr matey.

  5. Stlll my favourite ever Villa match – it had it all. Hoping for a boring 1-0 next wednesday v blackburn in the 2nd leg semi

  6. Still can’t believe Bosnich stayed on, but fair play with the penalty saves, they were quality.

  7. I did what any other little 8 year old villa fan would have done when Tranmere were a penalty kick away from winning it, looked up into the rafters of the Trinity Road stand hands clasped together, and prayed for a miracle.

  8. I remember having the season review of 93-94 and watching the shootout over and over again! I was only about 7. What a hero mark bosnich was! Best goal keeper of his time by a long shot!

  9. i was there,i was ten i can remember running on the pitch after we won…my uncle said he lifted me over the barrier and i was on the edge of the 18 yard box before he got over

  10. ive still got this whole game on tape somewhere, this and chesterfield v ‘boro from 1997 are still the best football matches i’ve ever seen

  11. that villa team back then was proper talented… surprising really they didn’t follow it on from 92/93 and challenge united!

  12. I was in the Holte End that day, great game, Big Ron, Deano, Dalian etc Those were the days! Dalian ran towards me when he scored at Wembley……wagging his finger……those were the days. I have the final on VHS…… doesn’t fit into my BlueRay Play ….. Doh !

  13. lol i was at the match but i felt so nervous that i didnt watch the shootout…..i had my face painted n got in the claret n blue magazine 🙂

  14. this has to be my favourite Villa match, it had it all, rollercoaster of a match, & then doing the scum in the final to deny them the treble, priceless

  15. He was actually miles better earlier in the competition at Sunderland. Magnificent goalkeeper. End of.

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