Between the Lines: Darren Bent to Aston Villa

Ray Stubbs, Neil Warnock and Oliver Holt talk about no matter whether Darren Bent’s transfer t Aston Villa will be the catalyst for much more moves. Observe more movies like this at
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25 thoughts on “Between the Lines: Darren Bent to Aston Villa”

  1. @fuckooo I’m a Villa fan i dunno why you’re going on at me for anyways i only said he was overpriced i didn’t say he was a rubbish striker i just thought he was a major risk like many of our buys.

  2. @Avillian136 Just cos he done good for Sunderland doesn’t mean hes gonna do any good at our club.

  3. @resilienceman im sure 82 goals in 5 seasons playing for shit teams and a lot of appearances as a sub for like 10 mins proves more than enough that he is worth the money cz he is the prems most consistent goalscorer in the last five years and they don’t come cheap

  4. @fuckooo Hes scored one goal big fuking deal it was a simple tap in he’s still yet got a lot to prove for the money Villa have paid.

  5. WTF Holt seriously, take you head out of O’neils arse for a second, take a step back and look at what you said. Possibly the main reason for Lerner putting his foot down, in terms a money for transfers, is because he looked at all the players he had brought in and thought, hang on a minute, I’ve got several players here on high wages who just arn’t playing. Now lets remember, Martin walked out on us, Lerner and the board DID NOT sack him. Although what can you expect from the media eh?

  6. Holt is a cock. If Randy Lerner gave Martin O’Neill £18m for a striker, he would have brought in two average/shit strikers, a midfielder and a defender, all on £50K per week then left them in the reserves.

    It was MON who created the fourth highest wage bill in the Premier League with a squad of players on long contracts who were nowhere near good enough for the team.

    What was the point in building a bigger squad if the squad never plays?

    Mon peaked his career at Villa then got found out.

  7. Eat a dick MON-lover, you’re being incredibly narrow-minded.

    Not saying Houllier’s a great manager but Holt just shows here imo how woefully misunderstood the situation with Randy-O’Neill is.

  8. What a suprise Oliver Holt sticks up for his lover O’Neill.

    Get a hair cut you stupid old twat

  9. Yeah MON brilliant, for 18 million he’d of got you one Curtis Davies and Nigel Reo-Coker!.

    Or, one Marlon Harewood, one Steve Sidwell, an Emile Heskey, a Shaun Maloney and a Habib Beye.

    Fuck of Stubbs and Holt you pair of cunts. MON could of signed Bent from Spurs but didn’t fancy him and elected to sign the type of shite that are currently sitting on our bench (or in the stands) picking up 50 grand a week.

  10. Can’t be bothered to rip apart what Oliver Holt was saying. So instead I’ll just say he’s a bitter, clueless,bluenose, sad,pathetic, embarrassing, ugly, unprofessional, little rat!
    I hope somehow he gets to read this and it makes him cry! Or his bosses read it and realise all of the above and sack him!

  11. holt stop sucking o’neills dick you pathetic dweeb. i was gutted when MON left us but the facts are he continually wasted Randy’s money on dross.

  12. Whats eating Holt? “He should have given the money to MON” [Thou shalt live thy life by Holt]. He hates Lerner with a vengeance almost as much as he LOVES O’Neill. What an utter bore, he’s lost it, cant helphimself boring anyone who will listen to his pathetic ongoing tirade.

  13. i think its safe to say Holt is a MON fan! We’ve always had money, Lerner hasnt ever said otherwise, look at the shite MON had brought in, look at the shite he wanted to bring in, you’d have to be clueless to see why we didnt want to bankroll him anymore, cant believe the media are either so naive or so far up MONs ass to see it for what it was

    his article for tomorrow is disrespectful and utter utter bollocks

  14. fuck off holt, O’Neill didn’t get the money cos Lerner didn’t trust him with it. He would have spent the £18million on McGeady and Robbie Keane. Clueless prick!

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