Aston Villa – Yes We Can

Transform is coming, the “huge four” are losing their grip on the top rated of the table. Aston Villa – Indeed WE CAN!!! Inspired by nan_was_a_fan’s website post, ‘Victory Speech’.

25 thoughts on “Aston Villa – Yes We Can”

  1. @english1independance I’m quite happy with the way arsenal are doing just now thanks.

  2. jealous and you know you are, although i bet you’ll deny it, arsenal have had their time, it’s now time for villa to shine again

  3. yes we CAN! Three outta the usual four already beaten, and why not, what can stop us? Nothing, nothing is impossible!

  4. hello .. I am a young Brazilian striker, 19, and wanted an opportunity outside of my country, I have no contract with any club, I really want to play outside my country!
    see my videos on my channel!
    grateful now!

  5. Arsenal fan from London, is that good enough for you?

    Just cause someone takes the piss out of your team doesn’t mean they support a small club, or that they’re a glory hunter.

    Despite all this I have a lot of respect for Villa, but making this video was premature. Finishing fourth with the number of players in your squad was always going to be tough.

    fair play at Anfield though, made us all smile I think.

  6. glory hunter perhaps?

    or maybe a pathetic low life fan of another small piece of shit club thats not worth the shit on our boots

  7. yes, i’m kidding you.

    are you new to youtube?? a bit complicated for you, perhaps??

    check the description, this video is 7 months old. villa were in 3rd at the time.

    thx for watching tho.

  8. are you kidding me? They choked playing aginst Wigan in their season opener at home! Ashley young is just that, a young and iffy player! Gareth Barry left. Aston Villa can not continue thinking that they could sneak into top 4 without spending big money to bring in quality player that will take charge of the game!

  9. Can you not see how this video is fucking hilarious, I mean watch it over and over “yes we can!” LMAO, no….no you didn’t, and you won’t this year either.

  10. She’s my nan, I think I’d know. Before you say it’s my other one, there BOTH dead.

  11. This should be played at Villa Park at EVERY match to motivate EVERY Player from next season..Yes We Can!!! Very good video!

  12. im not a villa fan but its nice to see american people support and follow premier league football (soccer) teams.

  13. top quailty mate. make more like this.
    and yes change is coming 08-09 .

    “YES WE CAN”

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