25 thoughts on “CHARLES N’ZOGBIA – Welcome To Aston Villa – HD – 2011”

  1. No doubt next season Manchester Utd will steal him when he turns out to be “better” than Young..

  2. Great! No1 drafted midfielder in fantasy league : )
    Zog looks like he’s moving in time with the music

  3. Man City being responsible for tearing Aston Villas midfield apart may have done us a favor this time around. Thanks for the funding 😀

  4. I can’t help but think were gonna sink back into mid-table now, after all the hard work MON did, like him or not he built our team up and got us results. Young > N’zogbia > Downing at least

  5. Im a villa fan and 1 question how did you no he was coming to villa?? you made this a month ago

  6. He done something in the region of 300 dribbles last year came second place to Messi! INCREDIBLE

  7. Im a United fan and im sooooo happy Aston Villa have got him and hope you guys have a great season

  8. And also bad peice of business by liverpool. And i hope downing turns out to be another 20mil aston villa flop like milner or barry. I wish young all the best though, he left on a good note in my opinion.

  9. Great buy. I thought he would have gone to a “big club” like liverpool and we would’ve been stuck with boring old downing, not the other way round. I still think we need another winger though to keep albrighton on his toes. Little shaun wright phillips would be great. But at the momment we have pretty much the same wide threat as we had with young and downing. With N’Zogbia you have the skillful set peice specialist (young) and with albrighton you have the precise crosser (downing) also albrigh

  10. He’s gonna be the legend in the making. What a bargain, pisses all over Milner & Ashley Young.

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