25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2011: Season 3: Part 37 (vs Aston Villa)”

  1. @MikeGB95 I’d like to say I recorded this way, way before I got ahold of the 2050 save, that will probably be the final game I do for 2011. I know reviving a L1 or L2 club is what FM is all about, but when doing it for Youtube, you have to look further than that. Its about entertainment as well, I don’t enjoy it because I don’t know what I’m doing and if I present that to an audience and it looks bad. There is no point to it at all. If the audience don’t know the players, how can they enjoy?

  2. @MediaMachinima
    What are you on? Only one/two viewers who don’t own FM disagreed on you managing below Premiership. Championship and below is what FM’s all about. Revive a League One club or something.

    It’s fine if you say you don’t enjoy managing Tranmere and other lower clubs but don’t take words out of our mouth and say your viewers wouldn’t enjoy it…

  3. @MediaMachinima you could do the bigger la liga and serie a teams but its much more entertaining to watch you start small and build your way up.

  4. as you said torres wasn’t too twatish and yeah he could’ve been worse kinda like Adebayor when he left arsenal for City what a Mug LOL

  5. @xOxLoveSkillzxOx I’ve said it a billion times, Pastore plays for someone else big and has an inflated price tag.

  6. @MediaMachinima
    Buy Pastore 2 replace Gerard and include him slowly and the team

  7. @Wuffingtonn Yeah I did this commentary before I found the 2050 save. Just uploaded a video about it this very second!

  8. @SAWxEliminateD Thinking about it, I do know a fair amount about Serie A and La Liga etc, but only teams like Atletico, Milan, Barca, Juventus etc. I”m open to it but prefer English teams.

  9. you should start a season with a team similar to Liverpool but in another league such as atletico in the spanish league. It would be interesting and entretaining to see you play different teams.

  10. @MediaMachinima i get it. this would be more entertaining for us and for you. but definetely continue! im loving the series

  11. @SAWxEliminateD They’re the teams I know most about. In the 2050 game I could go abroad, thinking about it. I don’t want to manage teams where I don’t know what I’m talking about see.

  12. If I were you I would go to player search and just tick the box “ask assistant to filter out unrealistic players” and then if you want you can go on to search midfielders etc. this option just gets rid off the messi’s, ronaldo’s (unless available) or anyone who has just moved

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