25 thoughts on “Derby County 0-6 Aston Villa, Apr 12, 2008”

  1. @ziggy45pizza After that comment i just admire what you say hopefully Villa & Liverpool will soon be on top and Chelsea and United when theres limited foreign players they’ll be the teams that are suffering at the bottom of the table.

  2. @drake1636 no it doesn’t muppet, he isn’t in the play yet. He was behind Agbonlahor when he shot, it’s onside.

  3. Watching this sickens me, seeing how easily everyone else beats Derby, when they are our (Newcastle’s) bogey team!

    That season we were the only team they beat, and they came within 4 minutes of doing the double!

    And even last season, when we stormed through the championship, we still couldn’t beat Derby. We drew 0 0, and lost 3 0!

    Mind you, we did beat Villa 6 0 this year, revenge for sending us down

  4. keep watchin these videos villians,its as good as it will ever get for you mugs,everyone twatted derby in this year,but i would rather watch derby in the championship than you borin cunts :0

  5. I don’t consider Derby a derby game, but this result was pretty nice nonetheless. I saw a couple of these goals on tiki-taka forum and remembered the game, so thanks for putting the highlights up.

  6. i was at the game as well cant remember the game for the quality but the derby fans were class never stop singing

  7. my uncel is a mancester city scout and he took me to this game and he was scouting players from villa and i said what about barry and we bought him 🙂

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