25 thoughts on “Everton 2 – 3 Aston Villa Fanzone”

  1. the GINGER NIJA lol 😉 and that everton fan is a fucking scouser. dirty scouser comeon VILLA

  2. @resilienceman Shall I reiterate? I am not an Evertonian. I am not an Everton fan. Everton is not my team. I don’t support Everton. Great team, and good luck to them.. but they’re not my team. My god, I wish you’d read things when people address you.
    Last season though… the fight to get into Europe… will they won’t they… Aston VIlla pushing… great and well-respected coach… Villa in Europe…. ah, that was a right waste of time, wasn’t it?

  3. @oneovertheoddsthatis And it looks like you’re in a great position in the league doesn’t it would you still be saying all this if Everton got relegated this season would ya and personally i wouldn’t want Moyes at Villa Park or anyone at Everton the facts state it all we might not be 4th at the end of the season but at least us Villa fans can say we’ve had a terrible start to the season and still way higher than you Evertonians.

  4. @resilienceman Europe is waiting… and waiting… You’re happy because you got a dodgy 1-0 versus Everton? You’d still like their coach though, wouldn’t you? I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?

  5. @oneovertheoddsthatis 1-0 to the Villa vs Everton how about a bit of that then Liverpool are the only threat to Villa coming from Merseyside but you’re right for the Villa fan its gonna be a great time to be a Villa fan.

  6. Everton win something, please. The shadow of Liverpool keeps growing, their worst season for years & you still couldn’t fucking do them in the league!

  7. @resilienceman And I quote: “Don’t worry mate our (Aston Villa) time will come soon to dominate Europe once again”. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Good time to be a Vanilla fan?

  8. @resilienceman Aston Villa? Dominate Europe? We’ll have quite a wait for that… Best get a coach first, don’t you think? You could have David Moyes… I mean, he’s quite good. Have you asked him?

    I don’t snatch old women’s handbags, and I don’t live on Merseyside, by the way. My dad’s not in prison. I’m not a Scouser, and I don’t support Everton, either. Quite a jaundiced view of people on Merseyside, however. I mean, it’s a famous and well-loved city around the world. Where do you come from?

  9. @oneovertheoddsthatis Don’t worry mate our (Aston Villa) time will come soon to dominate Europe once again and wheres your brother btw is he still snatching old womens hand-bags down by Merseyside and your dad is he still in prison you Scouse-Everton twat.

  10. @resilienceman Where’s your manager? I really need to know. Is he locked in the toilet? Where is he?

  11. @evertonfan55 Evertonfan can i just say wheres your European Cup and Super Cup i really need to know where it is is their a video i can see of it haha with your bag of shit club winning at least a trophy.

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